Five Reasons Why There Will Be No Blog Post Tomorrow

I have been working on a new travel post that I am super excited about. It’s the first post of a series about our family’s amazing road trip out west from a couple years ago. I had hoped to publish that post tomorrow morning but that’s not going to happen.  Here are five reasons why that is.

#1 – It Just Ain’t Ready Yet.

The post I am working on is a long one – considerably longer than my typical travel posts. One might call it the mother of posts about the Mother Road (Route 66). Unfortunately, it still needs editing, formatting, and pictures. Thus, it just ain’t ready yet.

#2 – Mother’s Day is Next Weekend!

I have been busy helping the kids make crafts for their five grandmothers. This is not an easy (or quick) task.

#3 – The End of the School Year is Fast Approaching.

So there are more special school events than usual. While I enjoy these special moments, it has left me with less time for writing blog posts and prepping pictures.

#4 – The Library May Be Plotting Against Me.

I have been on long wait lists for a whole bunch of books, and several of these books have suddenly come in all at once. (Isn’t that how it always goes?!?) As a result, I have been forced to choose between writing and reading these last couple of weeks.  Reading often wins.

#5 – I’ve Got Stuff to Plan!!!!!

I love LOVE love planning stuff. I probably love planning stuff as much as I love to read and write. With two birthday parties, a vacation, and summer outings to prepare for… I am truly in my happy place.


So, is there a new travel post in the works? Yes! Can you look forward to reading it tomorrow? No.

Sorry. Not sorry.


P.S. Watch for a new Little Moments post on Wednesday, and of course, watch for the new travel post sometime in the next 7-10 days! Have a great week, everyone!

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