Kid Savvy Stops in Savannah

Beautiful Forsyth Park in Savannah
Beautiful Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia

In 2014, we packed up the family and headed south to Savannah for spring break. We spent the second half of this vacation on Hilton Head Island. This was our first big vacation with all three kids (ages 11, 4 and two), and thus, it seems appropriate that my first family adventure blog post should be about this particular trip.

Our Top Picks For Family Fun In And Around Savannah, Georgia

Trolley Tour

All aboard!  The trolley tours were a wonderful option for us.  You could hop off and on at various stops throughout the beautiful city of Savannah.  The kids enjoyed riding a trolley (something we don’t have in our home town), the adults enjoyed the interesting tidbits of information from the tour guide, my husband enjoyed not having to drive (and park) in the heart of town, and everyone enjoyed resting their feet for a bit during the ride.  We were allowed to hop on/off at any of the designated stops throughout the day, and the trolleys took us within an easy walking distance of every destination that we wanted to see/visit.

Said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah, The Pirates House has significant historical ties to real pirates and is rumored to be the inspiration behind the famous Treasure Island book.
Said to be one of the oldest and most haunted buildings in Savannah, the Pirates House has significant historical ties to real pirates and is rumored to be the inspiration behind the famous Treasure Island book.

The Pirates’ House

Lunch at the Pirates' House is a fun (and yummy) adventure that the entire family would enjoy.
Lunch at the Pirates’ House is a fun (and yummy) adventure that the entire family would enjoy.

Aargh, me hearty! The Pirates’ House Restaurant is an awesome place to eat lunch.  The building first opened as an inn for seafarers back in 1753.  It has significant historical ties to real pirates and is rumored to be the inspiration for the children’s classic book, Treasure Island.  It features a moderately priced menu and pirate-costumed actors that come around to talk about the building’s history with you (and they are happy to pose for fun photos with you as well).  Additionally, they had a fun kids’ menu that converted into paper pirate hats. Be sure to ask for a tour at the end of your meal so you can see the secret tunnels discovered under the building.  The entire family LOVED eating at The Pirates’ House.

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Georgia State Railroad Museum

If you have a train fanatic in your family (like we do), the Georgia Railroad Museum is a must see. There was a little something for all of us there. We attended a few demonstrations, we toured various train cars, the boys worked a real handcar, there were several train-themed play areas good for a variety of ages, and our little kids loved the wooden train playground.

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Moats, drawbridges, cannons, and underground passages… what kid wouldn’t enjoy that?!?  My adventure-seeking children thought it was great fun exploring Fort Pulaski in nearby Tybee Island.  Additionally, we learned all sorts of neat facts during the tour, and the views were quite lovely.  Keep a close eye on small children though.  There are all sorts of hazards (i.e. moats of murky water, high places to fall from, etc.) to be wary of there.

Other Kid-Savvy Stops Around Savannah

Here are a few other family-friendly things that you might want to check out in the area.

  • Tybee Island Lighthouse
    Tybee Island Lighthouse

    Savannah Children’s Museum – Neighboring the Georgia State Railroad Museum, the Savannah Children’s Museum was closed the day that we were on that end of town but it looked really fun! We were bummed that we weren’t able to go in and play/learn.

  • Forsyth Park – This is probably the most famous park in Savannah. It features a beautiful water fountain, lovely natural spaces, and playgrounds. Our entire family enjoyed exploring the grounds.
  • ArtZeum at Jepson Center for the Arts – We simply ran out of time and were not able to visit Jepson Center for the Arts. However, I am quite intrigued with their ArtZeum, a permanent interactive art exhibit designed specifically for children. It sounds like a lot of fun.
  • Tybee Island Light Station and Museum – We climbed to the top of the lighthouse (178 stairs!!!). It’s a great way to run off the children’s extra energy.  We all found it very interesting to wander around the surrounding property as well.
  • Tybee Island Marine Center – Our toddler fell asleep just as we pulled into the parking lot for this one. Thus, we chose to let her sleep peacefully instead of waking her to visit the Marine Center.  However, I hear that turtle-lovers would consider this stop to be a must-see.
  • River Street – Souvenir shops, great food, pretty scenery, and a lively atmosphere… River Street is a fun stop for all ages.

Have you been to Savannah with your family?  What activities and sights do you recommend?

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Savannah, Georgia is a great vacation destination for families.
Savannah, Georgia is a great vacation destination for families. Check out these kid-friendly stops while you are there!

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  1. Love the view from lighthouses and the Pirate’s House is right up my alley! I get a bit worried when I read these posts about places that are meant to entertain kids and I love them. At least my inner-child is still intact, right? #CityTripping

  2. i agree with the trolley tour and the park. My daughter was too young for some of these other suggestions. If we went back I think we would have to try the Pirate Museum. good list!

  3. I have heard great things about Savannah. Although, most of them have to do with food or a ghost tour. It’s great to know that it is also family friendly. We haven’t been but I would love to visit one day soon and especially Tybee Island and that lighthouse.

  4. I’ve only been to Savannah once before kids. I LOVED it. I’m glad to know there is a good children’s museum there. That makes it high on a vacation wish list with littles. We really enjoyed all the green space outside, Forsyth Park, and the Trolley Tour!

  5. Both of my children are train lovers so we would definitely have to visit the train museum. The Pirate House and the Pulaski National Monument also sounds interesting. #weekendwanderlust

  6. We haven’t taken the kids to Savannah yet. I did a babymoon there ten years ago with my husband and thoroughly enjoyed it. Like Charleston, it has the food, the history, and the sites! Thanks for sharing this excellent guide.

  7. I have read several posts about Savannah and have to say your recommendations are very unique. I didn’t know about the Pirate’s House or the National Monument. Sounds like tons of fun! #WeekendWanderlust

    1. Yes, the restaurant is a total winner! Great food, interesting history, possible ghosts, ties to literature, fun kid menus, secret tunnels used by real pirates, knowledgeable (and amusing) actors to tell you about it all… it really does have something to interest everyone!

  8. I’m sad to say that despite growing up within a few hours of Savannah, I’ve only visited it once. I was about 13 and remember eating at the Pirate House; they gave kids a souvenir coin, but I think we missed out on the tour of the secret tunnels! We want to take a road trip back there one of these days. Thanks for sharing this! #weekendwanderlust

  9. Savannah has been on my must visit list since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil so I’mglad there is plenty of stuff for kids to do there too! #FarawayFiles

    1. I have never read that book but the tour guides mention it a lot. Savannah is quite famous for that book and the Forrest Gump movie. I hope you make it over to Savannah someday. It is such a beautiful and interesting place to visit!

  10. we are driving from NY to FL and I was thinkin this would be a place to stop along the way! I pinned for future!

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